My PDF does not work in Link Viewer

1. Did you link the pages? Learn how to create a PDF with hyperlinks.

2. Check if your PDF export has in fact working hyperlinks. Use Adobe Reader or OSX Preview to find out. Maybe your PDF was not saved correctly and has no hyperlinks. Some software strips hyperlinks when exporting PDFs. Check out this list of supported software.

3. "My PDF works with software XYZ but not in Link Viewer."

Please be so kind to send your PDF to us via emailWe can check what's wrong and get back to you. Applications use different ways to create their PDF output. The method how they code page-to-page links varies a lot. It may sound easy but supporting all PDF formats is actually a pretty big task. We have come a long way with Link Viewer, but somewhere out there, a software might exist that produces hyperlinked PDFs in a way we do not support yet.

Down the road we want to support all those PDFs, of course. So need your help: Send your PDF to us.

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